Experience Tirol – VR Experience

There has never been anything like it. Is it a museum? A digital wonderland? A new attraction? A modern theater play? Not quite. It’s an immersive experience. On 512 square meters, 60 minutes of the best entertainment await you. Five rooms that will cast a spell over you. Travel to the highest peaks in Tyrol. Experience the history of this land up close. Be there when a ski jumper jumps down the Bergisel ski jump or the mountain fires burn on the horizon. Let Emperor Maximilian show you his Innsbruck around 1500 AD. Glide over the seemingly endless Ahornboden or indulge in the fascination of Tyrolean art. Spectacular views. A captivating and emotional story. The latest technologies such as virtual reality, 360-degree projections and much more await you, your family and friends. Emotional. Immersive. Unique. The new way to experience Tirol. That is Experience Tirol.
Role @ Volucap GmbH:

Volumetric Artist

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Experience Tirol